Friday, February 8, 2013

Believe Me. Trust Me.

Believe & trust are related to each other so damn close. Its not easy to gain a trust from a person, especially from someone we loved. Yes, to gain a trust & make them believe in everything you do or say is very tough task to do. You have to convince them & prove to them that you're innocent & not guilty. That person expected too much from you. Dear you, let me tell you one thing. Human is not perfect. A normal human makes mistake whether they aware about it or not. So are you. You're not perfect. To tell you how hard for one person to stay loyal & faithful whereby she never knew what actually you're doing behind her back because you never tell her. You never tell her whatever you do, wherever you go & such. But yet, you're expecting & wanting her to tell you EVERYTHING & ANYTHING she do in her daily life. You already know her. But still, you wanted more and more from her. Yes, for instance maybe she did something bad by not telling you that she went to cinema with her guy bestfriend and that was before you & her declaired to be a love bird. He is a friend that always being with her thru ups and down and BEFORE SHE MET YOU & EXIST. And you know?She doesn't have many friends. See my point there? She can't simply get rid of everything after she met you. So what makes you lose trustwhorthy on her? Did she do something real bad to you before? Was that you can consider and count it as a cheat? I know this, trust is hard to gain, but easy to get broken. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair. You see?? But please get your human sense to a very high level of kindness. Think again, what did she do to you? She cheated on you? She slept with a guy behind your back? Flirt with your friends? Contacted her ex-boyfriend?? No right? So why you have to be so mean and pointing a question " are you hiding something from me?" Where she didn't do anything to you nor hiding shits. Its hurt though! Really hurt. Please think again, if she wanted to cheat and have fun with someone else, why was she accepted you to be a part of her life? Why she have to pay 100% full commitment to this relationship? Have you ever thought about that? Because she grew tired of what the world had treated her before. She just want to be happy. Be appreciatted by a guy she loves. So please, before you want her to do anything you wish her to do, check yourself. Will you do the same thing to her? Will you?

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