Friday, March 14, 2014

And I Said Yes! :'D

Saqrinal Abdul Khalid, now I am yours & you are mine, forever. In shaa Allah! :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

How I wish I was born on 50's / 60's.

How awesome that can be? Life without a super cool gadgets & such.
The way they dressup to the beach with all those cute polka dots dresses & went out on date by a cool Vespa with their partners. Like wow! I really wanna feel it.

Life without social networks, smartphones that can lead us as a couple to a huge fight because of that stuff.
Easily get attached with only a simple "hai" on facebook. And we know that's not love.
Sneakout late at night to hookup with each other. (Behind parents back). And its not good.
While living in the 60's was so much better; a guy has to get permission from the girl's parents  if he wanted to go out on date with their daughter. 
I wanna go back to generation where a guy would physically call her from the window down below & talk to her, not text her. 

I wanna go back to the where we were having love at the first sight, get together for a long time & had a first kiss with someone we really like, not hookup with a guy we met in the club.
I really wanna be in that generation where a girl can get a guy she loves by only wearing a T-Shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers.
And I really really wanna go back to the generation where couples slow dance to oldies songs & soft lips kissing each other.

And in that generation we all know that where LOVE actually made sense.
I just can't keep my mind off to think about how . . .  .
. . .  .World now has changed a lot. Yepp.
In a bad way.


How i wish i have a time machine. I'll just pull your hand & we'll enter a new world like in the romantic movie ever.
Endless love. That's what I'm dreaming now. To be with you. In so many ways, we'll still keep holding onto each other in any circumstances. You know, for you i will. 

Happy Valentine's Day Boo.. I"ve loved you for a thousand years..
And I'll love you for a thousand more.. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Picnic Date With Other Half :)

Hai Hello earthlings! How are you? Me? I'm doing fine here, atleast for now.

So, yesterday I had an extra class for the toughest subjects. lol.
UiTM's always done that for those who take tough subjects such Maths, Accounting & any culculation stuff.
And my man were at my house waiting for me to come home & took my mom and I to buy a fan. 
Such a sweet heart! :)

What I wanna talk about here is our 2nd picnic date together.
It came out of sudden & we weren't plan to.
Maybe it was bacause we both already watch all new movies & got nothing to do together! 
I still remember our first picnic was somewhere in Kuantan. 
Its Teluk Cempedak.
So last saturday we both went to Tasik Shah Alam. I cooked his favorite meals around 12noon.
We packed all food & stuff wandering around to find a good spot! Found it! :)
All we did was eating, wrestling, laughing & bonding. Feels like a first time all over again.
I dont know somehow I can't help myself but to falling even more in love with him.
Everything,anyting he did was beautiful to me. God I'm lucky to have him in my life! 
Thank you Allah. For this wonderful person named Saqrinal :)

Here goes the pictures of us together for our second picnic!

This photo was taken on our first picnic date at Teluk Cempedak! :D

This is our 2nd picnic date last Saturday, that's my man over there with the sweetest smile on entire universe! 

Yours truly :)

Our meals & him :P

Fiffy's getting fatter day by day! Thanks baby! XD

Siapalah kami without our silly photos together! Hahaha..

Win! Hahaha..

We both imitated the siamese twins! lol 

This is so us! haha..

Si daif! lol baby!

And we both were dating until the sunset! :)

The end.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Throw Back: On His Graduation Day :)

Photos to be shared with you guys! ;)

 This was taken at Putrajaya! His favorite place & he always dreamt of.

 And it was very hot sunny weather on that day! Poor his lil' sis being a photog for a whole day! Thanks Cipah! :D

 That's my man in his robe proudly held the flowers I gave him :)

 Me being me. Silly girl. Thanks for your patience baby. LOL.

My most favorite photo out of many photos we took on that day! It was candid! ;)

P/S: Congrats Baby Manja!! :)

New Year's Eve 2014

Happy New Year guys! :)
Its 2014 already.. How time flies..

I had a great New Year's Eve celebration with him.. This was 2nd time we both celebrated NYE's together :)
Do you guys wanna know something? Me in my entire life, I've never seen fireworks so darn close to my eyes.
I know it sounds retarded but that's the truth.
On NYE's night, my man took me to see fireworks at Dataran Putrajaya with his motorcycle coz we didn't want to stuck in a heavy traffic. And the fireworks was so beautiful & awesome!!!
The fireworks were just right above our heads! Like really really close!! Woww!! :D
I was screaming a few times coz I can feel those splashed of fireworks fell onto my head! LOL!
He did hugging me from behind & kissed my cheeks said " Happy New Year Baby " :')
When I asked him " What's your new resolution baby? " He replied " I wanna work hard & marry you"
Awww.. That was so sweet of him! :'D Yes! I am too.. I don't care if we both still young & you baby even younger than me..hahaha.. Yes I am gonna marry you, In Shaa Allah :)

I had photos to be uploaded. But those photos all with him now.
Gonna get those soon & upload it.
Anyway, Happy New Year Readers! I know this is late but its better than never right? ;)
*I've saved in draft for like 13 days now only have time to post, lol *

-Signing off-

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Pau Goreng

That's what I've been calling him now! Hahaha..
You wanna know why? His cheeks are just soooo fluffy! 
And maybe I made him that way. Before this, his weight was 82kg & now 95kg..
I'm so sorry baby. Really I can't let you starve yourself just because you wanted to shed pounds so bad!
And it wasn't my fault either if I'm great in cooking! Hahaha..

This is My Pau Goreng! Heee.. He's mine! Stay away before I stab you with fork in the neck! :C 

No matter how fluffy you're Manje, You know I'll always love you, right? :D

A Thousand Years With You :)

I know this is kinda late, but that's okay for me.
I don't know where to start. How to express my feelings on writing about all these.
I'm out of words. Speechless.
It's just I still can't believe we made it this far! :)
How we both fell in love was something I've never saw it will come. Its just happened.
A day before our anniversary, we both had a fight. I didn't spoke nor texted him for almost two days.
I just stayed at my home, watched movies alone & literally cried while I was browsed through all his photos.
Before the clock strike 12am to "ourday" , he called me few times & texted me to inform that he's infront of my house to meet me. But I didn't say anything. Because I was away drove to find our anniversary's cake.
I was planning to celebrate it all by myself. As he was there waiting for me, he almost gave up knowing that I wasn't home. He thought I was out hangout with my sister or something. But I was not.
And in the moment I arrived at elevator with cake in my hand, we both collided & he got himself in with me.
I said nothing. Just let him be; staring at me like he wanted to eat me or something. And he said nothing as well. We were doing anything or saying nothing.
Out of blue, He pulled me & we both had our dinner before we head home to celebrate our small little party there.
And everything turned to be sooooo fine & romantic. It was like we both falling in love all over again.
What we did all night was dancing, hugging & kissing. Because that's all we wanted to do. :)
I'm the happiest girl when I'm with him. I'm so lucky to have him in my life.
I may not his first love & being someone's first love may be great. But to be someone's last is beyond perfect.

And Mr. Saqrinal Abdul Khalid, I hope I am your last love, forever & always.

Happy A Thousand Years together baby! May this bond will last forever. 
We will keep it,
Fight for it
And work for it.

Because we've made our decision to stay together forever :)

Your GF is a Gumiho,